Cathy just planned our TV series screening and was invaluable to its success. Detail-oriented, creative, and experienced are Cathy's trademarks. Highly recommend her services.
Wendy Michaels

Cathy was our day-of wedding coordinator and I can't imagine what it would have been like without her. She had her eye on every possible aspect of the event and has an ability to solve problems before they even arise. During the ceremony, there was a beautiful moment when two geese flew overhead. After seeing how well Cathy managed and coordinated every detail of the day, multiple friends asked me, "How did Cathy get those geese to fly at the perfect moment?" They were not kidding. We wouldn't be surprised if she could pull off something like that. We're so thankful that we had her. 
Lilly & Michael

You're one of the most organized and professional people I have worked with. You made planning a 900
person event seem like an easy task and an enjoyable experience.
Katharina Harf, Co Founder, Delete Blood Cancer DKMS

Cathy Casey is a miracle worker. Being able to juggle two committees from totally diverse backgrounds and
put together two terrific galas with amazing results put simply...beyond words!
Luis Valero, Director of Special Events, American Cancer Society

Cathy is the consummate professional. She has produced two major events for us, and both were very
complicated, with layers of stakeholders, financial pressures, and many strong personalities involved. She
really knows what she is doing. She has remarkable systems in place to make sure everything runs
smoothly. She leaves nothing to chance. She is a pleasure to work with, always calm, always responsive,
always willing to step up with new ideas and suggestions, but willing to step back when we knew what we
wanted. In the end, in both instances, we were thrilled with the results. We would use her again, and we recommend
her highly.
Sally Alvarez, Director of Labor Programs, ILR School, Cornell University

Words cannot express how great it was working with Cathy Casey! She has amazing attention to detail, and
an incredible work ethic. Both professionally and personally, she goes in the ‘favorites’ category. She is,
indeed, a rock star and Delete is fortunate to have her!
Johanan Merino, Marketing Manager, Mulberry

I have been working with Cathy Casey now for several years in preparation of the annual DKMS Gala in New
York and my experience could not have been better. From handling our confidential guest list (among which
shareholders and many VIPs), to fundraising and managing many details involving the Gala, her approach
has been nothing less than 100% dedicated and trustworthy. Not only is she the nicest and most patient
person to deal with, but her level of professionalism and know-how is truly outstanding.
Anja Schaefer, VP Operations

Cathy Casey is a total pro. Working with her is a dream because you don't have to worry about anything; she
anticipates practically every need and accounts for them in advance. I look forward to working with her on
our next event –– she's the only person I'll call.
Adam McCollum, Director of Public Relations and Communications, Bally North America Inc.

Working with Cathy Casey and her team is like walking on clouds. They made everything so easy for us and
succeeded beyond expectations. Not only being extremely professional with such an attention to detail but
also being approachable, caring and understanding a client's need every step of the way! They made our
special day and weekend possible and we love them!!!
Pia & Matt Constantino

Cathy Casey is one of; if not the most talented, skilled, and natural event planners and fundraisers I have
ever had the pleasure to work with in my career. I was first introduced to Cathy when we worked on the
same team at the American Cancer Society. To this day, if I have a question or need help with a critical thinking
exercise, Cathy is the person I call.

I have had the pleasure of working for her on-site at the DKMS Gala in 2011. I have done many events in
my career, but that one in particular had so many moving pieces, my head was spinning. I saw how Cathy
effortlessly and most importantly, without stress, executed the event. She is unflappable and can truly work
with any kind of person or personality type in the room. That is a gift.

There are so many things I could add about Cathy, but to conclude, I should highlight that she is one of the
most trustworthy, honest and compassionate people I know. As a fundraiser, these are essential qualities
to possess.

It is one thing to raise money for a cause; but to truly put your heart and soul behind something…that is what
makes a difference long term and truly impacts an organization.
Marissa Reibstein, Director of Development, Board Engagement & Special Events at 92nd Street Y

I’ve worked with Cathy Casey to manage my events at the Horticultural Society of New York and Helen Keller
International, and she always brings the highest level of professionalism to her responsibilities. She has
deep experience and once she’s taken on a job, she can manage all of the many details herself, although
she regularly reports about progress. In the fast-paced and often frantic world of event-planning, she always
manages to stay cool and move forward.
Jennifer Klopp, Strategic Development and Communications

I worked with Cathy to put together a rather difficult wedding and she was not only up to the task but was
patient and most professional. She was thorough, organized, and fun to work with. I would use Cathy every
time I get married!
Diane Leech